Outside the Walls

Firm Foundation Ministries is a husband & wife duo combating the pain and desperation in their community with the hope and freedom found in Jesus Christ.

Matt Farkas comes from a liturgical background and sports both academic training and front lines ministry experience. A father and grandfather, he is familiar with the daily grind and knows how to bring Biblical truth into daily living. He is an anointed teacher who preaches extemporaneously and from the heart, currently serving as pastor at Faith Christian Church in Rockingham, VT.

Brenda Farkas, Matt’s number 1 ministry partner, comes from a conservative/evangelical background. She is often seen alongside Matt in their local television/web series’ Doing Life and Say What? With training and experience of her own, she completes the team with her administrative skills and her peaceful presence.


Let’s face it, sometimes the Bible can be confusing. Matt & Brenda refuse to let that be a stumbling block for the people God brings to them. Firm Foundation Ministries works hard to simplify God’s word without sacrificing its truth so that anyone can understand the hope available to them.


Life isn’t easy. Too many Christians try to ignore this fact. Firm Foundation Ministries acknowledge the difficulties of real life and examines how to navigate those challenges from a Biblical perspective.


Knowing what the Bible says is one thing, but actually doing it is another! Teaching that focuses on how to apply Biblical truth in real life situations is paramount to bringing about life change in a community. That is why Firm Foundation Ministries always seeks to give listeners a simple, realistic takeaway to immediately begin making their lives more Godward.