Husbands Love Your Wives

This sermon was shared on Mother’s day from Ephesians 5.   The word submit is referenced in vs. 21,22 and this text has been used in many wedding ceremonies.  Submitting is hard. Humble yourself (husbands, your exampe is Jesus in John 13).  Do you find yourself struggling to submit, even to things God is dealing with you….get over into the spirit and it will be much easier to do!  Learn to reverence what God has put inside your spirit.  Husbands don’t demand reverence or respect from your wives until you have learned to love them unconditionally.  God put something great inside your spirit, you are precious to Him.  Husbands, God gave you something precious: love, honor, and cherish the gift (wife) God has entrusted to you.  Learn to speak over your marriage. Men, walk in love and you will find women are designed to submit or respond to it!  Become friends and let each other have space to be the individual they were created to be.  1 Cor. 13:4-8 shares that even if there has been damage, God’s love is stronger and is a great, powerful force of His very divine nature resident in you!  You see, if you are not treating your wife right than something is wrong inside.  Relationships often just need an adjustment to grow and be healthy.