Faith- 2 Parts

There are two parts to faith, i.e. believing and receiving.  Both parts are necessary! We can see this in Mk. 11: 23,24.  We must also realize that there are two types of hope, a spiritual hope and a natural hope.  The spiritual hope is what you keep dropping in your spirit by the meditation on the Word of God.  It is this hope which will eventually produce the believing.  Natural hope is empirical knowledge.  It says, “I hope I have the same experience as ___.”  “I hope to see God move in our church.”  This is a product of logic and reasoning.

Real faith looks like this:  I believe I receive it based on God’s Word that He has obligated Himself to bring to pass for me.  This faith is a realization of your inheritance, that is what you have because Christ lives in you….you are feeding your spirit and renewing your mind with the Word of God.

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