Doing Life #134 Inheritance

This episode began with Colossians 1:9-11 and 2 Peter 1:3 talking about we are partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light, partakers of His divine nature.  But how do we release this anointing or inheritance that is within us?  It is released through God’s Word!  God doesn’t move on opportunity, desperation, or just because you cry out to Him….there are principles to release the anointing just as there are principles in the power of electricity.  How is it conducted from the realm of the spirit into the realm of the natural?  How do I know there is a power I can’t see?  How do I access a power that could make a change?  You have to understand the principle and work it.  You work your faith through the Word of God.  This makes the power of God tangible and creates realities.

You Have an Inheritance/ Doing Life #133

This episode examined the facts of religion vs. relationship.  People often pray for something they already have.  It has been said, “Life is a mystery.”  Colossians references the mystery of Christ. The Word of God can help us solve the mysteries of our life when we realize that we have Christ in us/ the wisdom and power of God to deal wisely in the affairs of life.  God wants you to enjoy the natural and the spiritual realm.  God has not stripped us, rather He has sealed us!

You can experience enlightenment which will enrich your life and enable you to be empowered!!!  Satan wants to dupe you to who you are and what God has placed inside of you.  We are partakers of His divine nature!

God’s DNA/ Doing Life 131

This episode looked at addictions/recovery and the process of dominating the struggle of life.  Circumstances can squeeze the very life out of you and you ask the question:

  • Does God have an answer for every problem?  The truth is God has given us power.
  • 2 Peter 1:3,4 This is according to something, what?  God’s divine power.
  • How do we access this help/power?  Through the precious promises of His Word.
  • Three things we are to know: (1) there is a God [with divine power] (2) He made provision [given us something] (3) know that I can obtain that knowledge [He has given me a new identification]
  • Who is going to tell me?  How will I get this knowledge?
  • Whose responsibility?  How can I walk out something I am not knowledgeable about?

We do not need to wander through life wondering and not knowing what to identify with.  The issue then is will you be aimless or purposeful in your faith journey?

Doing Life/130 God Constructs the Church

This episode brought the text 1 Cor. 14 to the table again with further discussion of the public vs.private use of tongues as a means of prayer and the purpose thereof.  The question was raised if this is a gift that God chooses some to have and others not?  The answer is there is a difference between a devotional (private) tongue and a tongue used in public worship as a manifestation of the Spirit. Another question posed was is this the only way to birth or construct a church?  If speaking in tongues is the door to the supernatural and God desires us to walk in this realm so that He can manifest or give expression through a body (church/individual), can we then assume it is necessary?  The short answer is you can do anything in faith and that is produced through the new birth or born again experience and the renewed mind using the Word of God to direct but this is sometimes a lengthier process.  Romans 8:26 is a reference that guides us in our prayer life and the will of God.  Yes, God desires to construct His Church in the spirit according to His design and purpose.

Doing Life #111 3 Kinds of Wisdom (04/18/2018)

Have you ever found you lacked wisdom in the process of “doing life?”  God said you can ask and He will give it to you. There are 3 kinds of wisdom found in 1 Cor. 2:5-.  Sadly, we have limited ourselves to man’s wisdom.  Satan’s wisdom is to keep us “duped” that he is defeated and not in authority.  God’s wisdom is spiritual wisdom.  When you are born again you experience a nature change and God deposits a measure of His wisdom/power in your spirit to be accessed at anytime.  If you apply knowledge you get wisdom.  God’s Word= wisdom. .  The Word is the anointing in wisdom and the Spirit is the anointing in power.  The Word and the Spirit agree and work together.  Our world today is formed by man’s wisdom and enticing words and lacks the demonstration of God’s power.  In fact, there is such a deficit of the supernatural that the world seeks it in reverse (a negative way) because it is absent from the church and not even believed or expected!  But we will stir you up with this teaching and trust you will seek out God’s wisdom and walk in His power everyday of your life.

Doing Life #107 Easter Restored Power/Authority

This show walks us through the time after the garden.  We saw the triumpal entry and Jesus fulfilling prophecy spoken over His life. The events of that week ended in the disciples’disappointment when Jesus did not meet their expectation as the natural king, His dominion and authority was of a higher realm.  We seem to miss the real reason Jesus Christ died on the cross- not just forgiveness of sins, healing of the body, etc…but He laid down the mission of the Church! His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension made us the Body of Christ (anointing).  He put His Spirit in us and on us and desires to use us and move through us to influence the regions where He has placed us with His wisdom, knowledge, and power!  Religion missed who He was, it had lost the power of God. I believe religion is the top voice of satan’s deception.  It soothes your soul, satisfies the requirements and rules and brings a limited peace to your soul but it does not provide a nature change in your spirit!  Jesus came to redeem our authority and dominion we lost in the Garden of Eden!

We need to get back to the basics and fall on the Rock, let Him break us, and let Him become the foundation of the Church…the habitation of God in the spirit!  Allow Him to “square” your corners as the Chief Cornerstone and be vessels of honor to bring back God in all of His expression by His anointing to the regions we live and always be on call for His will and purpose!  He will give us a foundation as our Head and protect us from above while building us from beneath!  We then become the temple, body, habitation of God in the Spirit so He can pour Himself out both on us and through us!

Say What? How to hear the voice of God 03/05/2018

This show explores the question can we hear the voice of God?  The Holy Spirit influences, instructs, inspires as a Person of the Godhead.  The Spirit of God testifies of God and reveals Him through the Word and manifestations.  The same voice that teaches you the Word of God is the same voice that leads you.  People are on a search and sometimes think they have to hear an outside voice.  The Church has not been intentional about growing people up spiritually and we have lost people.  We have judged them instead of nurturing and instructing them by precept and example.  We don’t seem to know our spiritual identification.  It is important to get to know God by His Word otherwise we won’t recognize Him when He is speaking to us!  We seem to be too busy and too noisy to hear God?  Very few people are willing and able to be a spiritual habitation.  We should be bold about hearing what He says and doing what He says to do.  We do a lot of works instead of settling the Word in our hearts….so we are limited to a little inspirational nugget or intentional indoctrination….maybe somebody is happy to make us think like they do but “who told you that?”  We read in I Jn.2 when you have overcome the evil one by abiding in Him and His Word is abiding in you than you can move in the things of the Spirit.  Enough is enough!  Bully back the realm of the spirit! Find your place, take your place and give no place!

Yes, we can hear the voice of God….in His Word…in our spirit (your conscience is the voice of your human spirit)…this is where God can speak to me!

Doing Life #105 God’s Got Your Back! (02/21/2018)

This show introduced the news of the death of Rev. Billy Graham and the Fla. school shooting.  Is. 58:8 tells us God’s got your back! God is living in you by the Holy Spirit.  How do you hear the voice of the Spirit?  How can you be led by the Spirit of God? When you walk in your soul all day long, at what point do you hear the voice of your human spirit?  At what point do you get to know the voice of God’s Spirit?  He promises to lead us and show us things to come.  There is only one way to hear the Spirit speak…through the Word of God and in prayer.  We are being asked to pray for schools, then why did we take prayer and God out of the schools?  Lives become void, empty, desperate, desolate wastelands without the influence of the Word/Spirit.  We fill our lives with entertainment and informaton at the expense of our spirit.  More information and more discussion will never solve the problems.  We need to apply the Word of God to our meditation and behavior.  Evidently in our world today we are not seeing the presence of God or the glory of God otherwise we would be imaging it.  Whose responsibility is it to bring forth the presence of God?  2 Cor. 3:17  where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty!  Gal. 5:1  Stand fast in the liberty that set you free!

Doing Life #11 Where did that come from? 07/22/2015

This episode contined the thought of what is happening in my life?  Circumstances can imprison us and possess  our souls.  Sometimes we take scripture out of context and don’t do the process.  Patience is not sitting back and just taking it!   Luke 21:19 ….with patience possess your souls. ITim. 6:12 says “Fight the good fight of faith.”  We take scripture and push back on an attack from the enemy.  However, there is also a rest in the covenant. Eph. 6:13,14, having done all stand.  We are not waiting to be rescued…we have some occupying to do in the authority we have been given as kings and priests, some work to do!  It is not God’s work….it is ours!  Jesus said, “It is finished” on the cross.  When He was raised from the dead in the very presence of hell and its inhabitants…we were raised with Him to be His spiritual body on this earth!  Where has He raised me?  Eph. 2:4-10; Eph. 1:21-24, Where did He seat me?  I am potentially seated above all the stuff, if I keep myself in Christ!   The storm is inevitable, prepare yourself for the storm. (1 Cor. 10:13).

A lot of talk about our 2nd amendment right.  God has given us the equivalent in the realm of the Spirit.  When you see the strongman coming in to spoil your goods (Mt. 12)….do something with your authority! Rom. 8:11 is the way of escape.  That same glory that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me! That same glory can raise me above my circumstance! Heb. 4:3, 9-11, there remains a rest for the people of God to cease from their own works.  Sometimes our labors are wrong.  We are supposed to labor to enter into rest.  We are laboring so much we cannot rest in God’s promises and provision.  But if we labor to rest (in patience) we won’t fall into unbelief!


Doing Life 10 What about Job Part 3 (07/15/2015)

Where do you go to in the Bible when things are going wrong in your life?  It seems many times people go to the book of Job.  They forget the part that the Lord turned the captivity of Job and the fact that his dilemmas lasted 9 mos.  Job 42:10 A lot of people can be in imprisoned who are not physically in prison.  Circumstances are pressing in on them and they need a change.  Ps. 126:1 What happens when your captivity is turned?  Job’s counsel was family and friends and they were wrong associations in that they presumed his problems were caused by God or his sin.  We see that an ignorance of the truth or a lack of knowledge caused wrong thinking/believing.  God’s Word is our counsel and it is pure and stands firm as Truth.  When we stand on God’s truth we raise up a standard and we have dominion and authority in the name of Jesus! Most people will live their entire lives out of the appetites of their physical body or the issues of their soul, very few people live out of their spirit.  They do not possess their souls!  Our churches and spiritual lives are in the condition they are because we don’t walk out our authority we have in the name of Jesus!

For example:  Suppose I was a teacher and I presented the material in a classroom setting.  I would still have students with various grades and levels of achievements.  I would not consider myself a failure as a teacher based on these results.  The key could be application, interest or even development.  Sometimes the teacher has to evaluate and even change the style of  teaching while the material is the same.  The only realm satan has to hold me in captivity is through my soul.   My resistance to him has to come up from my spirit and out.  He is coming at me from the outside in.  When I realize that God is already in me  and the Greater One…than I can put satan where he belongs…..under my feet!