Say What? Got Faith 10/12/18

Do you have faith?  Mark 11:22 we are commanded to have the God kind of faith! You must command something in your life. Faith takes anything of the natural, backed by the force, power, and the wisdom of God to change circumstances.  Speak to the mountains in your life, command and remove them, and create new realities in your life.  God has created you unique and given you sovereign will, He will not interfere or interrupt you.  You are not commanding God, you are taking a principle He has released to you, it is allowed and permitted by God…you can hook up with Him through His Word, be bold in it and create the reality by speaking forth what you believe in your heart!  When you understand these principles you will get bold in the faith inside of you and you will want to change your circumstances and desire what the Word says.  First you have to know it is available, then know how to access it, then you have to do the work, come into oneness with it…have the God kind of faith!  You can change your reality…it is never too late!

Inner Power? Say What 09/28/18

Do you have an addiction or something dominating you?  You have a part to play.  Do you want to have freedom or power to change something in your life?  You need a relationship with God.  He can quicken those things you struggle with.  Rom. 8:11  Do you have power?  Yes!  It is on the inside of you….reach down.  Colossians 1:26,27 The mystery which is Christ in you…hope of glory….it is inside of us. Colossians 2:9 declares you are complete in Him!  Colossians 1:13 who has delivered you…in the Greek this is a perfect tense, i.e. when you were born again you were delivered, it began there….you were delivered prior to when you even understood it.  It is completed….Greek aorist present….it continues into the present.  The present is your responsibility….the past is God’s.

When we became partakers of God’s divine nature as seen in 2 Peter 1:3,4.  This means we can have dominion in our natural/spiritual life with the ability/authority to live above your circumstances.  We are to walk our life in such a way that we can walk out the garment/anointing in the glory of God.

Say What? 9/14/18 I Will

This episode was from the I Cor. 14 text and the topic of things of the Spirit and prayer.  The question being:  If I didn’t receive something I asked for in prayer than maybe God didn’t want me to have it….He didn’t choose me for this experience?  The answer is there are two spiritual experiences.  The first being the new birth and it is a “whosoever” thing.  The second being the baptism or empowerment or infilling of the Spirit and it also a “whosoever” thing after you have encountered God through relationship (new birth).  However, the truth of the matter is God will never interfere to make you do something you don’t want to.  In order to be filled with the Spirit you must yield to Him and the evidence of this is speaking in tongues.  When we yield our tongue to the utterance of the Holy Spirit, He becomes tangible.  We could say the natural interfaces the supernatural!” 

Another reason or purpose for speaking in tongues is you “are willing the will of God” into your life.  It is a matter of yielding to something (Someone) greater than yourself.  You can be a part of the solution and when you stop inserting yourself in the natural and take prayer and the Word into the spirit you will stop being a part of the problem.  Start out praying in English, pray scripture (the Word) than turn it over in the spirit and speak in tongues ( I willed everything in the natural so now I take it into the spirit….) and allow the Holy Spirit to divinely influence the person/situation.

The spiritual process is much like farming.  There is a natural process…plant the seed…and a spiritual process…I will…pray in natural/spirit (water the seed)…and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work….it is a mystery!!!!!

Say What? The “real you=spirit”

This episode was from 1 Cor. 14 and dialogue on speaking in tongues.  God has given us a way and means to speak His very will and plan for our lives into motion.  It is a powerful thing to pray the perfect will of God over you life!  God spoke the world and everything in it into existence with His words.  We read stories of Him speaking in the OT/NT/Jesus on the cross..does He still speak today?  He does, we can commune and walk with Him in the spirit everyday, 24/7 access to His full attention!  Speaking in tongues gives you an expression of who you truly are.  There is a cost to following the anointing, call of God, spiritual assignments.  Sometimes it is a mystery to your natural man. Prayer (specifically speaking in tongues) can bring clarity and direction to the plan of God and maps out the details.  1 Cor. 14:14  Sometimes the unknown tongue is for the unknown!  Stop limiting God to your natural experience.  This language allows us to get into His “all knowing, all power, all presence” realm, to walk out the supernatural.

Say What/Built for the Anointing

This episode looked at the flow of the anointing.  We’ve aborted the move of the spirit. When God puts on a show…tremendous fame goes out.  The Greek word for gift….is there a different between endowment and to bestow something?  Faith connects us with the power of God.  God desires to show Himself, to manifest and give expression. Maybe we don’t experiment with the anointing?  Electricity was always here but needed someone to experiment to make it accessible.  We need to acquaint ourselves with the flow of the anointing in order to conduct ourselves in it effectively.

Where is the Interpreter? Say What 8/03/18

This episode looked at the subject of speaking in tongues…evidence/experience.  Why do we come to church?  We should come to church already charged and built up from personal devotion with a desire and expectancy to experience God’s power/presence in an “out of ordinary way!  The church experience should be unique each week!  Walking and moving in the spirit/anointing is bigger than me and all of my
“stuff.” There is extreme power in the presence of God!  It is meant to be tangible, transferable, and can be transmitted.  Jesus is the Administrator and He sees that the Holy Spirit is distributed in manifestations so that God’s will, purpose, and intent can go forth through His body (the church….i.e. members in particular).  We need to strive to walk in the spirit while living in this natural realm.  The supernatural is not always spectacular but it is always spiritual and the natural mind must be renewed by the Word of God to discern this.  The reason God is not showing up….manifesting?  We do not desire Him, do not know about Him, do not expect anything to happen, and don’t understand these things…..that this can possibly happen! God is waiting for a group of people to desire Him, come in the way He has designed….according to the laws of the spirit….He is going to manifest!

Say What? Pain! I’m Broken…can I be fixed?

This episode examined the common human experience of pain.  It is a fact there is brokenness… and explored the walk of wholeness or soundness.  What if I have pain or weakness, can I be empowered in my experience?  Acts 10:38 is Jesus the man, anointed by the Holy Ghost’s account of God’s view on oppression. Oppression and the need for healing looks different for each person’s life.  We were created to survive but it is a choice to thrive!  Who will “fix me?”  Is this God’s responsibility or do I have to play an active part in my salvation?  The word salvation has a broad meaning in context.  It accounts for safety, deliverance, healing, soundness, and preservation.  The good news is Yes, you can be fixed!  God’s Word is medicine and it helps to guide with a discerning heart for thoughts, motives, and intentions in everything we will deal with in life.  If God be for us…who can be against us?  It is comforting to know that nothing can separate us from the love of God!

Say What? 03/23/2018 The 3rd hr. in the Garden

This show contrasted the 2 Gardens.  We lost our dominion and authority in the Garden of Eden.  The devil dogged mankind’s steps and grabbed at our heels throughout the years waiting for the fulfillment of the promise given in Gen. 3:15…coming a seed of the woman to bruise his head!  Jesus, God in the flesh, as a man was Joseph the carpenter’s son, the son of Mary, He was from a small town and nobody He grew up with (not even His kin) knew Him as God in the flesh.  “He came to His own and His own received Him not.”  In His last hours of life, one betrayed Him, one denied Him, and the others forsook Him and scattered in offence!  But satan recognized who He was.  The spirit realm took notice.  The battle raged in the Garden of Gethsemane for 3 long hours.  Jesus the man had to submit to God’s will and purpose and resign Himself to die.  God ordained this struggle, Jesus had asked His three closest disciples to pray with Him in His agonizing but they failed Him and He had to wrestle with God alone.  He had the battle between His soul (humanity) and spirit….we wrestle with God to rest in Him.  Jesus the man did not want to die.  The Garden drives Him to prayer, He needed peace in this acceptance, needed to find God in the suffering.  He was tempted to walk away and not do the will of God, but through this process He provides a mercy seat!  He submitted to God in seeming weakness to be raised to all authority!  He restored our dominion and authority we lost in the Garden of Eden.  No matter what your struggle- if you can walk this out in My spirit–from the inside out (with God’s DNA)..I can raise you up and you can walk in victory everyday of your life!


Say What? Enlightened, Empowered, Wellness 02/16/2018

Powerful show that speaks to the subject of addiction/recovery.  Does the Bible or God have anything to say about this?  Yes!  Romans 7:15-25 from the Living Bible is the conversation of an educated man on dealing with cycles that needed broken in life.   We tell children, “The Bible is God speaking to you!” 2,000 years later it still speaks to the human experience!  When you are born again you are not exempt from the suffering and struggles of your issues, even addictions.  It is necessary to know that you have had a nature change and you now have a seed of God (His DNA) in your spirit to give you the ability to walk out your victory.  However, that walk is different for each individual.  There needs to be an awakening and a moment to admit there is a problem, accept and acknowledge there could be a solution, apply an application of God’s Word to the situation (work) and then follow through to walk out the accountability.  The good news is there can be a place of wellness attained and a victory maintained.  God can take what you turn over to Him and repurpose it, there is no such thing as a “throwaway life.”

Say What? God’s Got Your Back 02/16/2018

This show responded to the events of the school shooting in Fla.  Opened with Ezekiel 22:31 and closed with Isaiah 58:8.  Why is our country in such a mess?  There are many answers but I believe the Church has become inverted.  There is a disconnect with our communities.  What about the Great Commission? There has been great omission because we have not taken our place in response to the spiritual activity in the heavenlies.  We were told to occupy until the Lord comes again.  What does that look like?  Our power lies in our spiritual identity.  We look too much like a big charity or a government program and neglect our true identification.   Our power is the fact that we are a spiritual body created, formed and purposed to do spiritual work.  We are to hold the region we have placed in by our dominion and authority.  How much authority does the church have?  Where do they fit in?  There are individuals called and given a certain amount of dominion just as Adam/Eve had in the garden to “dress and keep”, this was their work.  We have been made kings and priests(Rev.  1:6) to dress and keep the regions we have been placed in through the name of Jesus and this is our true work and delegated activity!

  • When we truly take supplication and intercession seriously and we begin to plead our place… we can be that person that stands in the gap.
  • We can be that person that pushes the darkness back
  • We can be that person that allows the anointing of God to come and bring deliverance
  • We can be that person that invites the glory of the Lord to break forth, our healing shall spring forth (speedily), our righteousness shall go before us, and the glory of the Lord shall be our rearguard….in other words…..God’s got our back!!!!!!