Say What? Got Faith 10/12/18

Do you have faith?  Mark 11:22 we are commanded to have the God kind of faith! You must command something in your life. Faith takes anything of the natural, backed by the force, power, and the wisdom of God to change circumstances.  Speak to the mountains in your life, command and remove them, and create new realities in your life.  God has created you unique and given you sovereign will, He will not interfere or interrupt you.  You are not commanding God, you are taking a principle He has released to you, it is allowed and permitted by God…you can hook up with Him through His Word, be bold in it and create the reality by speaking forth what you believe in your heart!  When you understand these principles you will get bold in the faith inside of you and you will want to change your circumstances and desire what the Word says.  First you have to know it is available, then know how to access it, then you have to do the work, come into oneness with it…have the God kind of faith!  You can change your reality…it is never too late!